Habitat 50 plus

Private individuals and groups

«If you wish to adapt your home to your current needs and requirements, or simply create a new space that better suits a new stage in your life, you can rely on our years of experience and wide knowledge of the residential building sector. Please feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to being your partner, listening to your ideas and needs, providing advice and helping make the realisation of your dreams as easy as possible.»

Rely on our knowledge and experience to make your own 50 plus residential project a success, whether you’re planning to adapt existing residential facilities or contemplating new construction.

Habitat 50 plus is a reliable contact for groups (cooperative and owners associations) or private individuals seeking to make a residence or residence complex barrier-free or develop a custom residential concept that suits their own special personal needs.

Habitat 50 plus offers private homeowners the following services:

  • Advisory, planning, coordination and construction services required to carry out a renovation of their living spaces and environs to adapt them to new circumstances and make them more suitable for a new stage of their lives
  • Project development, planning and execution and monitoring of innovative, accredited models of residential housing

We offer custom services packages tailored to meet individual client’s specific needs that include current housing situation and needs analyses and qualified professional assistance in areas such as legal procedures and financing, cost calculation, the coordination of activities essential to a cooperative’s renovation project and project management

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