Habitat 50 plus

Businesses, especially those in the property and construction sectors

«Companies that recognise the potential of the '50 plus generation' market and the opportunities it offers can count on us to be a reliable and competent partner who will provide them with relevant advice and see them through the proper implementation and profitable integration of the '50 plus economic factor' into their business strategies.»

Let us help you reap the benefits of a successful application of the ’50 plus economic factor’ to your business strategies and practices.

Habitat 50 plus provides advisory services to companies that seek to integrate the ’50 plus factor’ into their business strategies to improve their bottom line.

Habitat 50 plus offers custom consulting and planning services for promoters and construction firms desiring to gear their business strategies to take advantage of the opportunities available in the ’50 plus property market’.

Habitat 50 plus is your expert contact for matters relating to the ’50 plus economic factor’.

The services we offer include:

  • We’re experts in making the most out of the ’50 plus economic factor’. We’re experts in making the most out of the ’50 plus economic factor’
  • Reduction of the number of existing vacant property units through plans for restructuring and intelligent upgrades to housing stocks
  • Development of innovative, custom residential models
  • Public relations services/contact network development
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